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May 22nd 2019, the first day in my new job. My dream job. A job I wished for since I was a young girl. A job I had no idea how it would really be. Would it fulfil my expectations? Was I going to be any good at it? A job I couldn’t quite believe I had landed in the moment that I did. Now those first days blur into one. The feelings of excitement and adrenaline that come with every new beginning. The feeling of anxiety; was I doing things right, was my employer going to like me. I still couldn’t believe the journey I had gone through to get there, to achieve what I had just achieved. In those first days, I felt that anything and everything was possible. I felt so empowered, I barely even noticed my body’s exhaustion from the nights I couldn’t sleep, where I was dedicating myself wholly to this new position. 

On May 22nd 2019, I became a mother. No one tells you how full time being a mother really is. Even the most hard-working entrepreneur can break from their work as they wish. A mother rarely has that option. A mother is always available. A mother often puts her own needs second, even though it’s important not to forget herself. A mother acquires a new understanding of the word multitasking. She perfects her craft with patience, empathy, and problem solving. She makes decisions not only for herself but an entirely dependent being. 

As my first year of motherhood comes to an end and I embark on the next chapter, returning fully to the world of ‘work’ as we know it, I remind myself and others of the power in our ability to embrace change. And our ability to, just maybe, achieve the unimaginable.

About the author
Maria spent 5 years building startup communities before moving to Berlin – for love, and life – in the summer of 2018. There, her focus shifted to people and personal development. Now a Registered 200hr Yoga Teacher, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Co-Founder of Karpouzi, offering curated experiences to help people reconnect and fall in love with themselves. She became a Mother last year and her journey into motherhood inspired her to train as a Doula to add to her existing offerings. Since then, her mission is to empower other women on their journey and support them in their growth.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, sweet Maria! Inspiring as a woman, as a mother and as working woman! <3

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