I want to beat cancer

My name is Vedrana, my passion is my drive.
Early morning hospital visit. I kissed my grandma and her glassy eyes look right through me. The intimate moment is interrupted by her heavy and machine-assisted breathing. Third bad night. Doctors don’t know what’s going on. I feel alone and helpless. I’m 21 today, and my grandma has died an hour after my visit. She died of cancer. Cancer that was not diagnosed or detected before she collapsed a month ago….
It’s Friday afternoon, I am stopping by Chokladfabriken to get cointreau-chocolate balls, my sugary refuge. I’m on my way to the hospice. It is the last day of January, and these are Anna’s last moments. Two months after the shock and switching on the survival mode, trying to help her family and closest friends, I’m relieved as the most painful part of Anna’s journey is over. I can go home and focus on repairing my anger and disbelief. Anna was 34 and has died of cancer. Too late diagnosis with no chance of saving her…
It is summer and I am leaving academia. It’s high time… disillusioned, but not without the love and respect for my old profession… I need to do something I fully believe in and have the passion for. I need to discover how.
It is May, I just came back from New York. I am entering my bosses office and quitting my job and am ready to do something I have dreamed of ever since my dad gave me my book of atoms. I want to understand what kind of atoms make us what we are, and how to recognize that early atomic signals in our bodies that signify we are getting ill. I want to beat cancer.

About the author
Vedrana Högqvist Tabor is a molecular biologist and entrepreneur innovating in health. She has researched diverse aspects of cancer and other complex diseases, and is deeply engaged in empowering people with autoimmune diseases.


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