The Origin of 301 Words

It was a Sunday morning and one of the few days I finally managed to read some articles completely unrelated to my work. Eventually I went through an article about the correlation between having a purpose in life and life expectancy. According to a study, people who feel a strong purpose in their lives tend to live healthier and longer. However, that was only true if that purpose was considered as something deeper than to „just“ live a happy life. Maybe that’s why religious people showed a very strong correlation between their purpose in life and their life expectation. So after reading this article my question was obvious: „Did I have a purpose in life?“. Now I am not a religious person but after thinking about it for some time I was convinced that I did. Even though it certainly wasn’t a single, huge purpose but rather several small ones. Nothing impressive or outstanding really. But still they felt quite okay to me. One of them was definitely related to my work as a speaker coach: Giving people a voice and helping them to share their ideas. So I was quite happy that apparently I was not wandering aimlessly through life. But at the same time I also felt that somehow I was making it too easy for myself. Am I really giving my best? Was there maybe more I could do? All the sudden I had this strong feeling that I was not living up to my own aims. Of course there was more I could do! Why did I ignored this urge for such a long time? Maybe it just wasn’t the right time. Until that Sunday morning. Because all of the sudden and out of nowhere, the idea of 301 words was born.

About Patrick Liebl
Patrick is a speaker coach working with people who have something to share with the world. What he loves most about his work is to help people to discover their potential as speakers. And to show them that seemingly unimportant things and stories might have an important impact on your audience. He is convinced that we all have a story that is worth being told. That is why he started the 301 words project. Patrick considers himself a dreamer with a lot of ideas but unfortunately little persistence. Which is why many of his projects ended before they even started. That’s why he made himself a promise: 301 words shall not be just another pastime. It will be much more than that.

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