The Most Important Lesson I Ever Learned

My Mother has the best moral compass of anyone I’ve ever met.
During my childhood I did a lot of foolish things which she was not too pleased about, however there’s sone occasion where she was more disappointed in me than she had ever been.
It was summer and friends stopped by to go out on a bike ride. Leaving the house my Mother said… “You can only go if you promise to wear your helmet” and not wanting to miss out on the fun, I duly agreed.
At that time, I naively and stupidly thought that wearing a helmet wasn’t the ‘cool thing to do’ and as we turned the corner past the house I took it off and clipped it behind my saddle.
Unknown to me my Mother has watched me do this and upon returning home she was furious with me, not because I’d taken a risk in not wearing one, it was because I had given her my word and broken it. I knew I had done something seriously wrong.
So now, having integrity is my number one priority.
Having integrity is tough, perhaps why it’s such a widely respected trait. Furthermore maintaining your integrity is often the harder decision to make. Maybe you’ve committed to helping a friend or finishing some work by a certain deadline and suddenly it’s become the less attractive option and  now following through on your promise means you have to sacrifice another opportunity or time that you really don’t want to.
But in the end, my intuition says that you will always be glad that you kept true to your word. Trust can’t be built overnight, but it can most definitely be lost.
My intuition says that integrity is by far the most valuable asset any person or business can have.

About the author
Jack Tompkins is a sports marketing expert, photographer, video producer and founder of Ski The Kingdom, a non-profit promoting snow sports in the United Kingdom. You can follow Jack on medium.

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