Trust and Solidarity

When I arrived in Barcelona in 1999, in search for opportunities I could not find in my native Senegal, I was lonely and poor. But also resourceful and creative. I started thinking about how I could remedy the situation. And I remembered a model my mother and aunts used to be involved in Senegal. It was an informal savings model called a “tontine”. A tontine is set up by a group of people who pool money that is then handed out, in turns, to its members. For example, a group of 8 people will, at the first meeting, all put in Euro 100. One member is then nominated to receive continue

The desire to love and being loved

The music on the play list was one of my favorites. The irony of my life has been the inability to give words to emotions. And these songs gave my thoughts a voice. And also took me to the most beautiful world, miles away from the striking realities of mundane life and the household chores.
The battle between my logical mind and emotions never seemed to end. Being married for more than a decade, the marriage was crowded from day one. My husband always thought relations need a remote control to work. And the remote control was safely handed over to his mother and sisters. All this made the relationship … continue

How a digital entrepreneur in Rwanda changed my life

When I mention Rwanda, most people associate it with ‘genocide’. To many, Sub-Saharan Africa is diseased kids with distended bellies and flies in their eyes lurching from crisis to crisis. Hardly surprising – it’s how the media and many charities portray it. So I was intrigued to meet Douglas – a young digital entrepreneur in Kigali. I say meet, we communicated entirely over Skype. Only months later did I even discover what he looked like.
I first volunteered with enterprise education charity Grow Movement to gain practice for a coaching qualification. Little did I realise when I started with Douglas,what a profound impact our interactions would have. His energy and … continue


It was a bright and sunny day. I was rolling about in the grass, investigating tiny red flowers and miniature daisies when I came upon a lump of a Thing, splotched and ugly. It was too not pretty. Yeccch.
It suddenly twitched. It hopped! It was a live ugly Thing! I jumped on it with both feet.
My mother’s voice cried out, “Stop that at once!”
I was defending our home against an unknown Thing. I knew it didn’t belong in the garden. I knew about the bees and wasps and ants and butterflies, who did. One foot in the air, I halted just as I was beginning to pick … continue

Sarig Levin

I was born in this fantastical place called a Kibbutz, where men and women lived as equals, shared in material needs and at night, partook in collective dreaming.
Once an autonomous adult, I embarked on a personal quest for individualism and experience, seeking to taste all that life has to offer. For years I’ve roamed the Americas, from the tip of the Macho-Picho to the bottom of the Grand-Canyon, acquiring skillsets only life on the road can offer.
Hoping to balance New World with the Old, I sought to establish a home in the Netherlands, then later in preferred Prague, in time realizing Home’s but a state of mind. Throughout … continue

The Origin of 301 Words

It was a Sunday morning and one of the few days I finally managed to read some articles completely unrelated to my work. Eventually I went through an article about the correlation between having a purpose in life and life expectancy. According to a study, people who feel a strong purpose in their lives tend to live healthier and longer. However, that was only true if that purpose was considered as something deeper than to „just“ live a happy life. Maybe that’s why religious people showed a very strong correlation between their purpose in life and their life expectation. So after reading this article my question was obvious: „Did I … continue