How a digital entrepreneur in Rwanda changed my life

When I mention Rwanda, most people associate it with ‘genocide’. To many, Sub-Saharan Africa is diseased kids with distended bellies and flies in their eyes lurching from crisis to crisis. Hardly surprising – it’s how the media and many charities portray it. So I was intrigued to meet Douglas – a young digital entrepreneur in Kigali. I say meet, we communicated entirely over Skype. Only months later did I even discover what he looked like.
I first volunteered with enterprise education charity Grow Movement to gain practice for a coaching qualification. Little did I realise when I started with Douglas,what a profound impact our interactions would have. His energy and … continue


It was a bright and sunny day. I was rolling about in the grass, investigating tiny red flowers and miniature daisies when I came upon a lump of a Thing, splotched and ugly. It was too not pretty. Yeccch.
It suddenly twitched. It hopped! It was a live ugly Thing! I jumped on it with both feet.
My mother’s voice cried out, “Stop that at once!”
I was defending our home against an unknown Thing. I knew it didn’t belong in the garden. I knew about the bees and wasps and ants and butterflies, who did. One foot in the air, I halted just as I was beginning to pick … continue

Sarig Levin

I was born in this fantastical place called a Kibbutz, where men and women lived as equals, shared in material needs and at night, partook in collective dreaming.
Once an autonomous adult, I embarked on a personal quest for individualism and experience, seeking to taste all that life has to offer. For years I’ve roamed the Americas, from the tip of the Macho-Picho to the bottom of the Grand-Canyon, acquiring skillsets only life on the road can offer.
Hoping to balance New World with the Old, I sought to establish a home in the Netherlands, then later in preferred Prague, in time realizing Home’s but a state of mind. Throughout … continue

The Origin of 301 Words

It was a Sunday morning and one of the few days I finally managed to read some articles completely unrelated to my work. Eventually I went through an article about the correlation between having a purpose in life and life expectancy. According to a study, people who feel a strong purpose in their lives tend to live healthier and longer. However, that was only true if that purpose was considered as something deeper than to „just“ live a happy life. Maybe that’s why religious people showed a very strong correlation between their purpose in life and their life expectation. So after reading this article my question was obvious: „Did I … continue