The Graduate

This month marks almost four years since I graduated from university. When I think back to those four years compared to the last four years… oh, a lot can happen. Since graduating, I’ve lived in two countries and had four different jobs. I have friendships and relationships that span generations and geographical areas.
I have stretched and adapted myself in ways I never could have predicted. I have questioned so much. Sometimes, I wonder where it all came from. I mean, I was always a cautious young girl who preferred safety and comfort over risk, but once I finished up university things shifted. The world became my stage; I could be inside or as far outside of my comfort zone as I wanted to be and it was all in my control.
Before graduating there was a fear-filled dialogue about becoming an adult and all the responsibility that comes with it. For some, the fear of becoming an “adult” froze people and they moved back to their parent’s home. But I moved across the world to Southeast Asia. Looking back, those pre-risk moments were the most debilitating part. But when you’re in the midst of it, and all you can count on is yourself. That’s when your strength shines.
After arriving to Cambodia, I remember sending countless emails and LinkedIn messages and meeting people for coffee, finding ways to introduce myself to strangers, all with the hope of landing a job. And six weeks later, it happened. Since then I have accumulated a list of risks I never thought I would have the guts to do.

I once heard the saying, “the more risk you take, the more risks you take”. It stuck with me. Now, I am in the midst of my next unchartered territory – becoming a freelancer.

About the author
Yasmine Genena is a multipotentialite that has spent most of her career in various communication roles. She was born and raised in the US but her heart touches many corners of the world including Lebanon, Egypt, China, Cambodia, and Germany. Yasmine is currently co-authoring a book titled “It’s About Time: The Sport of Dialogue”. 

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