Wishes Are Redundant

301 words by Simin Hashemi-Tehrani

Since I was as a little child, I dreamed of traveling across this planet. I wanted to see as much as possible to understand our world better. In 2018, life gave me the opportunity for such a journey, which I finished recently after 20 months.
Has life given me this chance because I wished for it or because it was part of my life plan?
After several months in Southeast Asia, Australia and South Pacific, I decided to walk the Camino Santiago in North Spain. The route I had chosen was 900 km long. Mostly I started before sunrise and hiked as long as my feet could carry me. The first five days were endlessly hot and exhausting. Every day, I thought about giving up. The worst part were my thoughts, which were constantly circulating around the past and future.
After a few days, my inner attitude changed. I surrendered to my thoughts. After all, I was alone in nature and nothing could distract me from myself. The sun became unbearably hot and my head was glowing. I begged nature for some shadow but my wish was denied. So I accepted the heat.
Slowly, my head became empty. Empty, like never before. It was exactly the kind of emptiness that I had always been afraid of. Strangely enough, it felt free and peaceful.
Soon after, I finally reached a wonderfully cool forest. How much had I wished for this! In the forest, I eavesdropped to the songs of the birds and the voice of my heart. An endless gratitude about life flowed through me.
Suddenly, I remembered Hitori’s words, a wise friend I had met in Malaysia: “The secret of life is the presence. Wishes mean not accepting and loving the presence.”
I finally understood the real meaning of his words.

About the author
Simin loves to reinvent herself again and again. For many years she worked as a marketing and communication expert in various international companies, was an entrepreneur and a single mum of two wonderful children. Her journey around the world led her path to her calling. Simin will be a certified coach, business trainer and change management consultant by the end of the year.

44 thoughts on “Wishes Are Redundant

  1. Simin é uma luz por onde passa
    Alegria , energia deixando um rastro de experiência em como ser feliz
    Linda e comunicativa seus dados de vida é uma inspiração a todos que puderem ler seus escritos .
    Nossa vida ficou linda com sua chegada em nossa família
    Obrigada por tudo que deixou nos nossos corações ❤️

    1. Thank you Lucimar! You are so wonderful 😉
      Lucimar, you are the most openhearted and warm host I have ever seen!! I have been in her beautiful accomondation in Brazil, which is really the garden of the paradise!!!

  2. I met her in the Lisbon , and when i see her i feel the positive energy she have, all the moment i spent with her is amazing and memorable, honestly she is a artist.
    The way she look at the place and everything around her is different, this is make her unique.
    I wish the best for her, and hope she write more about her journey
    Best regard

    1. I only met four Iranians on my journey and all four in a double pack 😉
      I met Hesam and Vahid within 5 minutes in Lisbon and the other two in Lima when I came back from Machu Picchu. Hesam, you are pure joy of life, fun and you have inspired me incredibly. I still remember our magical evening right on the Praça dos Restauradores when we philosophized until early in the morning. This feeling that I had there and your smile will live on in my heart. Thank you so much, my dear friend 😉

  3. What an amazing experience, Simin! I really enjoy listening to your stories and the passion you show when you are at it. And all the time! I wish this new time “back home” is as good and fruitful as the recent experiences!
    Muchas gracias por compartirlo

    1. Daniel, my wonderful Spanish teacher from Buenos Aires, thank you so much for your kind words! You are not only a wonderful teacher but also a listener, a friend, a unique host and a very happy person 😉
      I am so glad that we are continuing our classes online for thousands of miles.
      Eres un profesor dos veces para mí: profesor de español y maestro de vida. Muchas gracias 🙂

  4. Our lovely Simin joon!
    We are proud of you and look forward to continuing your stories. I wish you success in all your affairs!!!

    1. Nadia, you are so wonderful! I love it so much that you always keep leaving your comfort zone easily. Yes, you dared to move to Canada with your whole family and I have so much respect and recognition for that. If the future costs the moment, it is too expensive 😉

  5. We met Simin in Thailand in 2018, we were there on vacation and she has just started her around the world trip. Sometimes people just connect after 5 minutes of talking and this was one of those times!
    We are so happy for you! You truly have found your way. This is such a nice story and you have golden heart.
    I hope that one day we can meet again, maybe do a Koh Samui reunion 🙂

    We are very happy to have met you!

    1. What luck that I met you two, the European champions in ping pong! You are not only champions in ping pong, you are also masters in conquering hearts ;-)))
      You also conquered my heart in just a few minutes. The story of my book about happiness began with you two…

      I rember that days very well. The incessant tropical rain on Koh Samui and I was the only guest in our beautiful accommodation and felt alone and sometimes even lonely. And then suddenly you were there, two power ladies full of happiness, grace and vitality and you took me into your arms and hearts . With your energy I started to write the first lines of my book. Thank you so much and of course we will see us again!!!

  6. This is a very inspiring story about one of the most inspiring story tellers i ever met! Simin your interpretation about presence and the power of manifestation is real, and could be easily felt whenever you are around, as the energetic, vibrant and dynamic person you are…a phenomenal person with magnificent stories!!

    1. Hafez, my soul mate! You are a person who not only talk about what you want to do, but you also implement the things you talk about. You’re a great artist and you are living your dreams!
      We met in Malaysia, traveled there together and 10 months later you decided to be my companion again for a few days. Than you brought your words to the reality… You came from Vancouver to Havana just to see me again 🙂 Is there a greater way of love between friends? I love your life stories because you had some difficult phases in your life and every time you got up and became the designer of your life. I still want to learn so much more from you!!

  7. Dear Simin, congratulations on your new journey! Reinventing oneself takes courage and self-awareness, and I am sure you will enjoy every minute of it! Wish you all the best, always!!!


    1. Thank you, my dear friend! We met in Buenos Aires and I will never forget the first talk with you. You had the dream becoming a digital nomad and combining your work with traveling. After only a few months you are already an independent digital nomad and you will travel soon 🙂 You have reinvented yourself too and you can be very proud of that!! I am very happy to meet you in London soon ;-)))

  8. What an inspiring story! It makes me think: What is the difference between dreams and wishes? Your friend’s wise phrase encourages me to stay in the here and now. But would Columbus ever have discovered America if he hadn’t dreamed of discovering the sea route to India on the West course? Would you have seized the chance for a trip around the world the moment it presented itself, if you had not always dreamed of it? I look forward to discussing these thoughts with you!

    1. My dearest Christine, you are asking absolutely the right questions!! ;-))
      And that is exactly your strength: to inspire and motivate people with the right questions.
      I am sure that there are some answers to your questions. My very personal take on this is that Columbus’ destiny was to conquer America. It was his life plan. I can say of myself that I have felt it intuitively since childhood that one day I would make this long journey. This intuition made the wish grow until it became a reality for me. It was part of my life plan.
      I feel that from the point of view of life it doesn’t matter whether we dream about something or not. At the right time, life will give us what is important and right for our personal development. Life will lead us to our calling.
      How can you explain it to yourself that some of our wishes and dreams are fulfilled in life and some not?
      I look forward to further discussion with you all!

      1. I don’t believe that Columbus knew before his trip that he was going to discover America. He was a conqueror and you discover something when you get in a something new. Rather, Columbus did what he decided at a particular moment. He did what had to be done every day, from all the preparations of his trip to the first step on American land. He did one thing after the other without knowing beforehand which result would be at the end of his journey. He wasn’t in the future. All of his actions have always taken place in the present.

  9. Simin…. I’m so happy and proud for your trip around the world and around your soul. You started your journey from here and that’s enough for me. Please write more and more!

    1. Oh Alessandro, your words are so motivating!! I’ll never forget the great time on the beautiful island Sardenia in Italy ;-))
      How many of us realise that everyday we travel…

  10. So inspiring! Your life plan has always been so „special“! What a wonderful and exciting short story.
    Whenever someone told you „you can‘t do this, it‘s impossible!“ – you just did it. You did it your way and it will never change.
    I‘m so proud and happy to be your son, I owe you my life ♥️

    1. You’re pure love and the most special person in my life ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Thank you so much to support me in each situation in life!!!

  11. What an incredible and inspiring story! Lots of positive energy as well as great experiences! I look forward to reading more such a wonderful story from you Simin!

  12. Touching Story Simin. We met Simin in Lima, Peru. I found myself in Lima, Peru after returning from an intense self-exploring experience in Sacered valley followed with exploring nature in Amazon in Peru. Walking on a street in Lima and reflecting on things, my friend and I suddenly heard a familiar voice. Simian started talking to us and we immediately got hooked with her story and journey. I met her next day before leaving Lima and talked about a lot of things. I wish you the best Simin and I hope to see you again. Peace and Love.

    1. I love it when people actively encourage their personal development. Hasan is exactly one of those very extraordinary people who are moving in our world very open minded and with a big heart. You touched my heart through your life story and personality. Although we have only spent a few hours together and are seperate thousands of kilometers, I feel a deep connection with you in my heart, my dear friend! You taught me that the encounter with oneself will always be fruitful, even if it is initially painful. Thank you for being my teacher 😉

  13. What an inspiring story from the most fantastic and extraordinary simin,Ever ❤️
    I can feel your good vibes from 5000 km away

    1. That is really one of the biggest challenges when traveling, that you constantly get to know wonderful people and that you leave them again after a certain time. One day we’ll meet again and it will feel like we’ve never been apart!!!

  14. Very impressive journey of a beautiful, passionate, lovely Lady who has been smoothly floating in Harmony and Peace.


    1. Thank you so much for supporting me always going with the flow and motivating me whenever I wanted to give up!! You’re wonderful 🙂

  15. That’s a beautiful story Simin. I know that you have so many more stories from this journey of 20 months. I love your passion and enthusiasm for everything that you take on. Your joy of life!
    I cherish the time that we spent together. You are a wonderful person.
    All the best with your next venture.

    1. I was just wondering how often during my trip I have been to places that are like a paradies as where you live in Australia? Promised Land Retreat (Bellingen) is a dream and I was there for 2.5 months. It is a place where you can easily live in the present and enjoy every moment! If you ever go to this unique retreat, don’t ask Greg about snakes and spiders, because they don’t exist there ;-))

  16. You have great story Simin..i remember time we meet in Kuala Lumpur Malysia..you have nice dance..i love to see you more there and we can dance together same before..you are simple woman but you qre smart woman…i miss to meet you anymore Simin..enjoy your traveling to round in the world..God blessing you always dear Simin..

    1. Evi and I met while dancing on the street in Kuala Lumpur and immediately I felt a sisterly energy and warmth between us. We only danced one song together and we’ve been in touch ever since. Evi, you are a big gift to me and one day I will visit you in Lombok / Indonesia. I can feel and imagine it, my lovely sister ;-))

  17. And i hope you can come in my island too Simin becouse right know i have in Lombok Indonesia….i will happy to meet you here..in Lombok Indonesia..

  18. Meine allerliebste Simina, deine Reise ist definitiv die wundervollste Geschichte einer der wunderbarsten Frauen ever. Mit den ganzen Höhen und Tiefen davor, hast du dir dies auch mehr als verdient. Ich sag nur Karma, deswegen hat dir das Leben die Chance gegeben. Ich freu mich soooo für dich, dass du deinen Traum verwirklichen konntest und dass du uns jetzt mit deinen Erzählungen nochmal auf deine Reise mitnimmst. Gib uns mehr davon, mehr als 301 Wörter, die unser Herz berühren. Du hast meins jedoch schon vor über 20 Jahren berührt – love you.

    1. Durch so wunderbare Freunde wie Dich, war das Ende meiner Reise voller Freude auf das Wiedersehen mit Dir! Danke, dass Du mich so viele Jahre im Leben begleitet hast und es noch immer tust. Auch wenn wir uns durch Covid 19 schon ein paar Mal nicht treffen konnten, bleiben unsere Herzen verbunden.
      Wenn Du willst, können wir von 301 Wörter auf 1001 Nacht–Geschichten switchen 😉

  19. Deine Reise erinnert mich an das Buch “Der Alchimist” von Paulo Coello. Den Traum, 20 Monate um die Welt zu reisen, erfolgreich umzusetzen und damit zu zeigen, das dies eigentlich für jeden möglich ist, der es wirklich will, ist ein inspirierendes Beispiel. Dass die Reise aber nicht nur äußerlich ist, sondern eigentlich nur den Rahmen für die innere Reise bildet, bringt das Ganze in noch ganz andere Dimensionen. Du bist ein tolles Vorbild für so viele, die ihr Leben lang davon träumen, und durch dich vielleicht jetzt den Mut finden, diese Reise(n) selbst anzutreten. Wer denkt, mein Leben ist gelaufen, sieht durch dich, dass es eigentlich erst angefangen hat und noch viele Überraschungen auf einen warten, wenn man die Angst ablegen kann, die Augen aufmacht und die Komfortzone verlässt. Danke das du uns das gezeigt hast und bestimmt vielen damit die Augen geöffnet hast.
    Ich bin gespannt auf die nächsten Reiseberichte!

    1. Dein Kommentar hat mich zutiefst berührt und ich hatte beim Lesen Gänsehaut! Wir haben uns vor vielen Jahren über das Business kennengelernt und plötzlich waren wir Freunde! So einen Freund wie Dich zu haben, bereichert mein Leben sehr!!! Auch Du gehörst zu jene Menschen, die ganz selbstverständlich ständig ihre Komfortzone verlassen und sich dem Prozess des Lebens hingeben. Während ich noch gereist bin, hast Du davon geträumt, auf Bali zu sein und ein Leben als digitaler Nomade zu genießen. Plötzlich hat sich alles geändert und Du wagst den Schritt, um in Kürze mit Deiner Familie nach Hawaii auszuwandern. Das Leben hat Euch genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt dieses großartige Geschenk gemacht und es ist eben nicht Bali geworden, sondern Hawaii ;-))
      Genau das sind die überraschenden Momente des Lebens und wenn man es voll und ganz annimmt, dann hat man schon gewonnen!! Ich freue mich auf Deine Reiseberichte 😉

  20. Simin is a truly inspiring woman.
    When I met her coincidentally in the middle of the night entering a small hotel in Ubud, Bali, the first thing she did, was offer to share her hotel room with me, a stranger she had never met before.
    I had already booked a room for that night, but we really did share a room for the following 4 nights.
    I truly admire Simin’s journey – and wow, all these amazing people from all over the World commenting on her story, shows what an outgoing and special person she is, making friends all over the World and keeping in touch.
    Simin also took me to my best Yin Yoga class ever – with a very calming teacher in Ubud.
    I wish you all the best for your life journey to come, dear, and hope to be a part of it, too

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