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In order to increase your chances of being published, please have a look at our Q&A and get familiar with the 301 words project and the publishing rules.

What is 301 words about?
301 words is a non-profit project about sharing personal stories and life experiences. We want you to tell us about an important lesson you learned, an insight you had or some other experience that has shaped your life, made you the person you are today or will stay in your memory forever.
 Why? Because we believe that such stories are worth being shared with the world. And because we can learn so much from them. We also believe that sharing such personal stories helps us to connect with ourselves and with each other. 
In this busy world we don’t get a lot of opportunities to reflect on our lives and to share those thoughts with others. That’s why we want to provide a platform for this purpose. A place where those who want to take a moment to remember, reflect or process, can share their stories with those who want to learn and get inspired by others.

What is 301 words not about?
301 words is not about promoting yourself or your work. And it’s not about teaching someone a lesson or about being right.
 We think the best way to learn from each other is to share without expectation and to offer without imposing.

What do I need to do?
Write a personal story of something that has shaped your life. And we would like to ask you to do that in 301 words (or less). Why? Because we want you to focus on what really matters. We are looking for food for thought, short stories that are on point and enjoyable to read. Just enough to ignite a spark of inspiration. And we think most of such stories can be told in 300 words. We added one more because we think that every word is powerful and to encourage you to challenge every word you write. Please also add a title to your story.

Feel free to also provide us with a picture of you or of something related to your story (at least 160 dpi and please make sure that you own the rights on the picture). You also have the possibility to provide us with some further information about yourself that we can publish together with your story. If you want to give our readers the opportunity to get in touch with you, you can of course also add your e-mail address or social media contact details.
Send us your story and all further information to

Note: pictures and further information about you are optional and no requirements in order to be published.

What kind of stories are we looking for?
The story should be one that you actually experienced – we are not looking for fiction. And it should be about something that has shaped you or the way to see life: a difficult time, a powerful moment, your relationship to someone, a discovery or any other life changing experience. Tell us how it changed you. What did you learn during this difficult time? What impact had this powerful moment on you? What kind of influence had this relationship on your life? Whatever it is you would like to share with us: Tell us what happened, but also how it changed you.

Can I publish my story under an alias?
Yes. Even though we encourage everyone to provide their real name, but we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable and respect everyones privacy.

Does it have to be exactly 301 words?

It’s no problem if your story is shorter than 301 words. But it should not exceed them.

Will all submitted stories be shared in the library?
301 words is open to everyone! However, we also feel committed to our readers and therefore to provide a certain standard of quality. That’s why we reserve the right to reject submissions especially if they don’t meet the criteria mentioned in this Q&A.

Who runs the project?

We are a couple of young enthusiasts who share a vision: Building an online library where people can share their life experiences. We are very excited about 301 words and hopeful that people will enjoy reading in our library and sharing their own stories. We try our best to provide high quality to the readers and to be responsible and reliable partners to all the authors that are contributing to 301 words. But since we all have “normal” jobs we also would like to ask for your understanding if things might not always look or work 100% perfect. As we are at the very beginning of our journey we are always thankful for any advice or support. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!