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I’m passionate about making a positive impact and enjoy the professional success I’ve achieved so far. Nevertheless, I have often asked myself “Am I good enough?“.
After every promotion, I worried that I might fail and felt the need to prove that I deserved it.
When I talk with friends about this, I realize that many others – especially women – experience the same self-doubt. Why is it that even successful women – women I admire – feel this nagging doubt?
Maybe it is the perceived assumption that we were chosen to fulfill a quota. I often feel that society expects more of women. This is unfair.
I have unrealistic expectations to be perfect in all areas of life: as a partner, mother, leader, colleague. Recently I realized that I am putting unnecessary pressure on myself.
To reduce the weight on my shoulders, I started practicing self-compassion, strengthening my confidence and taking pride in my achievements.
This means for me: I show myself love, and actively listen to the people that support me. I am more willing to accept compliments.
In the past, when someone told me how great my presentation was, I would usually reply, “Thanks, but I forgot to mention xyz.” That doesn’t make sense to me anymore.
Now I allow myself to be less perfect. I don’t beautify internal slides or
subscribe to the expectation that I must provide a home-cooked meal for my family every evening.
When I shared my self-doubts with a friend, he literally told me, “You are good enough!” At this moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief!
Working women should acknowledge their many successes and embrace failures as opportunities for growth.

Stop questioning yourself. Instead, share your stories of successes and
failures with others. You are good enough!

About the author
Scarlett Fajardo is a working woman, mother of 2, with degrees in engineering and general management. What she really is passionate about is having a positive impact in people’s lives. Success means for her making things better

5 thoughts on “AM I GOOD ENOUGH?

  1. So proud of you, Scarlett. Thank you for sharing.
    I always enjoy our exchanges, your openness for new topics and your compassion. I’m looking forward to our next virtual coffee.

  2. Dear Scarlett,

    Thank you very much for the inside of your feelings and thoughts.
    Surprisingly I read that we do share many of the same feelings and thoughts.
    As a father I struggle sometimes with the concern whether I give enough love and quality time to my family. Do I spend to much time in the office or on business trips?
    Do I spend enough time in the office to do a good job with my team members and on the projects?

    It helps me a lot to reflect my behavior on a regular base and to adjust the time and effort to a point so that I feel balanced. Only when I am balanced I can provide the safety, comfort and support to my family and my coworkers.

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Thorsten, and for bringing the perspective of a devoted father in to the discussion.

  3. Hi Scarlett, thank you very much for sharing your story. Your story does remind me of many similar experiences, and it gives me a lot of comfort and strength. You are good enough.

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