Sarig Levin

I was born in this fantastical place called a Kibbutz, where men and women lived as equals, shared in material needs and at night, partook in collective dreaming.
Once an autonomous adult, I embarked on a personal quest for individualism and experience, seeking to taste all that life has to offer. For years I’ve roamed the Americas, from the tip of the Macho-Picho to the bottom of the Grand-Canyon, acquiring skillsets only life on the road can offer.
Hoping to balance New World with the Old, I sought to establish a home in the Netherlands, then later in preferred Prague, in time realizing Home’s but a state of mind. Throughout years of travelling, living and working the European continent, I’ve experienced a range of customs wide enough to embody the soul of Western culture.
Feeling a need to balance the occidental worldview with the panoramic view of the oriental, I finally hopped on the Trans-Siberian, but instead of China accidently found myself in Japan. See, what started out as travelling has become drifting in the course of a decade; the traveler has transformed into an ‘outskirter’ – no longer mentally rooted in society, yet not quite off its rim.
Seeking knowledge and in need of reinforcing ties with society, I did my bachelor’s in philosophy back in Israel, then made haste in returning to Asia for some years, teaching English in China or drifting Australia-wards bound. Finally, did a late master’s in English literature, following a lengthy stay in unfeigned Canada.
22 years on the road; precisely half my life spent working very little and living to the max, and I’m no longer capable of doing things any other way than my way. Live life any way you choose, I say; as long as the way is yours, friend, and yours alone.

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