301 words by Ping Ping Wen

Does this sound familiar to you: I wake at 6:00am to prepare breakfast and
lunch for my two elementary-age kids, then sit at my desk from 8:30am to
6:00pm. The busy life is suddenly on pause since Toronto is in
confinement due to concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19. A
different level of stress has hit me, as it has many other working women.
Stress of exploring new technologies; setting up my home office; becoming
a part-time teacher and supervising kids’ study while also working;
worrying about parents, and the pandemic’s financial impact.
Many challenges have suddenly appeared in our lives; life has certainly
changed for working women in 2020. Is it a crisis or an opportunity?
The resilient and talented working women are leveraging this “crisis” and
successfully embracing the opportunity to balance and integrate life and
work for our well-being.
Over the past months I’ve experienced many firsts: I was promoted and
introduced to my team on a conference call; I was a guest speaker to
teach college students using a new digital platform; I attended a virtual PMI
member conference and completed check-point meetings required in the
mentor program.
As we are all experiencing many firsts throughout the pandemic, I am
proud to be among the countless women who are stepping up to the many
challenges. We have adapted quickly to embrace the discomfort and
ambiguity, and thrive both personally and professionally.
Working women understand that the pandemic will eventually subside and
the financial crisis will end, and our families will recover. The mental “crisis”
however, is deeper and the journey to recovery will be far more
Staying positive is essential for working women in 2020. Reframing our
experiences with a growth mindset will enable us to adjust to the post-
pandemic world.

About the author
Ping Ping Wen works for Siemens Energy Canada limited as customs and export manager, where she is part of the Siemens Women Leader Club. She is an energetic mother with two active boys and aims to balance both her professional career and her family life. Maintaining a positive attitude is Ping Ping’s secret weapon in facing the many challenges of a working women in 2020.


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