The Second Chance

About two years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. For the third time. My mother is a strong woman but dealing with cancer again and facing a chemotherapy weighed heavily on her. I was with her when the doctor told her the news a couple of days before Christmas. I almost couldn’t bear the feeling of not being able to help her to get rid of this terrible disease. But of course I knew that I could at least be there for her. From the moment we sat together in front of the doctor my relationship to my mother changed significantly. Since I live abroad I reorganized my whole life so I could be by her side when the therapy started. During this difficult time I realized how much I can give and how little I actually have given so far. I took our relationship for granted and wasn’t contributing as much as I should have. Today my mother is fine, not letting the cancer taking control of her life but living to the fullest. I treasure every moment I can spend with her. When she calls, I take my time to talk to her even if it’s just small talk – something I used to avoid whenever I could. We go out for dinner more often and do things she enjoys. I realized that it’s not even that important what we do together but how we experience it: consciously and gratefully. Of course things are not always perfect and we still have our issues. But whenever I risk to fall back into my old attitude I remember the moment we sat together in front of the doctor. I feel incredibly lucky I was given a second chance to shape the relationship to my mother.

About the author
Patrick Liebl is a speaker coach working with people who have something to share with the world. What he loves most about his work is to help people to discover their potential as speakers. And to show them that seemingly unimportant things and stories might have an important impact on your audience. He is convinced that we all have a story that is worth being told. That is why he started the 301 words project. Patrick considers himself a dreamer with a lot of ideas but unfortunately little persistence. Which is why many of his projects ended before they even started. That’s why he made himself a promise: 301 words shall not be just another pastime. It will be much more than that.

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