My best worst case scenario

I arrived in Berlin in one of the coldest winters I ever experienced. One meter snow, no one in the streets. I decided to move to this city, where I knew no one but my friend Cami, because I had a job offer at the most exciting vegetarian gourmet restaurant in the world. But when I was about to start, the Chef told me the restaurant was not running good and he couldn’t give me the job for which I left everything behind.
Life has trained me to deal with worst case scenarios. From losing my father at the age of 11, losing my childhood, losing my house to losing my country, this was the best of my worst case scenarios. At this point I had no other option than trying out my own ideas – to be my own Chef in my imaginary restaurant. What a great opportunity! Cami introduced me to Suzy, a very kind woman who offered me her space the “Fortuna’s Feast” to make my very first event in town: “Share Your Food”. I cooked and invited people to answer the question: “What do you believe could make our world a better place?” The answers were then printed in an art magazine. Thanks to Cami and Suzy 65 people showed up, including the press. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey. 
The best worst case scenario in my life, lead me to be where I am now: An artist and experimental Chef. It lead me to the opening of my gallery, to initiate the Food Art Week, to write books against food waste and mostly to live my dream with other dreamers, that share the same dream with me.
In every worst case scenario lies an opportunity to choose a new path towards happiness.


About the author
Tainá Guedes is an author, artist, curator, food activist and cook awarded with the Dm-UNESCO Prize for Engagement. As CEO and Curator at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin, Tainá has been working on different projects involving art and food, as for example “Food Art Week”, “Share your Food” – an art-food event and magazine, where she cooks and invites people to share what they believe could make our world a better place; “Kochen und Quatschen”, a meeting with an anthroposophic doctor and midwife.

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