Morning always comes

Nine years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to leave our crazy Parisian life for a great experience: sailing across the oceans at least for two years. The plan was clear: live slow and enjoy. In my mind it was obvious that if we could make it together twenty-four hours a day seven days a week on a ten feet monohull, we would spend our whole life together. The story will tell I was wrong.
Lesson 1: do not make plans.

I will not go through all the details of one of the greatest adventures of my life but in a few words: when we left Marseille (South of France) we were two – I threw up 367 times crossing the Atlantic Ocean (“weird”) – when we left Martinique we welcomed a brand new crew member: our babyson (“hum, not weird”) – we decided to reach French Polynesia where I gave birth to our daughter – we spent 4 years on a small island very close to what I’d call Paradise. And then one day shit hit the fan! The dad of my kids left for a friend of mine. The very first knocked-out of my life.
Lesson 2: never think it happens to others only.

I have to admit that this is the first time I thought I was literally dying. How did I face this situation? I accepted the fact that I had to let the feelings come through. My family and my friends provided me with a strong support by listening to me and entertaining myself. But making an appointment with a psychologist was not an option. Trying any kind of activities to forget about the pain and make it bearable (sophrology, yoga, sport, music, personal development readings) had a saving power. It took me three years to have a new home, a new job, a new energy to give to my kids. Because I kept in mind what someone told me three years before: “morning comes Céline, morning always comes.”
Lesson 3: morning always comes for all of us.

Illustration by Céline Macherez

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  1. Thanks for bringing here this insightful testimonial with a realistic lesson: Life fills the blanks and the morning comes, always the morning comes.

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