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301 words by Marie Demont

“Are you f*** out of your mind!?”. I paused. I thought. I responded “Ok! Let’s go”, to my now-husband when he suggested we travel to Mexico instead of me accepting the internship I had just received from Coca-Cola in Madrid. On the scoreboard: Guts 1 – Brain: 0. It became an enriching experience working for the UN, while exploring Latin America for the first time, learning Kick-boxing, and making lifelong friends.

Years later, after having my first child, I was ready to go back to work. A safe job where I had proven myself, in an industry I had worked in for 8 years and knew like the back of my hand. Then, opportunity came knocking at my door! A career change? Working at a tech startup, in a different sector, heading a team of ten. Doubt clouded my mind, I did not feel qualified enough for this new challenge. “Never mind, I’ll do it!” I decided. On the scoreboard: Guts 2 – Brain 0.

Looking back, it was a rather bumpy road with a steep learning curve that landed me my current, beloved, job.

Recently, words raced out of my mouth faster than I could think. “I’m in, we’ll make it happen.” I exclaimed, after a friend – the founder of a female conference in Berlin on international women’s day – told me she would skip this year’s edition as she had too much work. Scoreboard: Guts 3 – Brain 0.

Although I was starting a new job, with 2 young kids at home and a handful of other commitments, I did step in. The event was a tremendous success, gathering and empowering more than 120 women.

I believe that when you stop listening to your head and start listening to your guts, there is only one place you can land: further ahead!

About the author
Marie is a cosmopolitan born in Cotonou, Benin, and raised in a small town near Paris. She is heading the Brand and Campaigns team at Omio and is an advisor to Consultport, a fast-growing startup bringing independent top-tier consultants and digital experts together with businesses. As a full-time working mom to 2 little boys, Marie is an advocate for a more inclusive society and women’s advancement in the workplace. She recently co-hosted Rising Pineapples, the first Women’s conference on International Women’s Day in Berlin and subsequently helped launch Pineapples4Pineapples, a new online initiative to give women a chance to stay connected and support economic activity of coaches and trainers who can leverage the platform in times of COVID lockdown to offer training and entertainment to the community, based on a pay-what-you-can model.

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