Here is my SCREAM

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Even though my illness was discovered just in time, no words can describe the emotional, psychological, monetary, social, and physical challenges that the news brought me. I faced a very agonizing process overcoming it, and a difficult post-surgery recovery. I became a very dark person and from this experience, I became somewhat of a hermit.
I used writing to journal about my fears, doubts, angers, and stresses to alleviate my pain. One day I was reading through my notes, and I realized the power of my own writing. I had finally discovered my inner voice. I thought that if journaling helped me, then maybe it could help other women too. Listening to my own voice gave me a new resolution to complete an unfinished idea. It gave me direction towards founding the Women Poets International Movement (MPI). I met wonderful people – lots of women that were such good poetesses, but that didn’t have the time to explore their writing because of their household and family obligations. These women were powerful and just didn’t even have a clue of how much good they could do by sharing their words with others. They were women lost in the ordinary, just like me. Women Poets International was born on the internet as a blog to share the writing of these new friends who wrote poetry. I found strong voices of women who wanted a chance to become more. They are women of hope who support a dream I believed in and make it their dream too.

About the author

Jael Uribe was born in Dominican Republic and is a writer, poet, storyteller and artist. She started the Women Poets International Movement and initiated the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival (Grito de Mujer) that is now independently organized all over the world during the month of march.



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  1. Felicitaciones por esa hermosa obra!
    Por ser la voz de muchas mujeres y darles la fuerza para ir hacia adelante,para que sean escuchadas.

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