Letting Your Intuition In

I had just arrived to Berlin. I was hustling; searching for work.

I attended a meetup group through an organization called ReDi School. It was a nice group of about ten people. I was nervous, as I usually am when entering a new environment, let alone a new country.
There was an outspoken woman in the group that caught my attention early on. I had an intuition that she was someone I should get to know. We had a couple exchanges through the conversation. I was insistent on getting her contact info so I got her attention before she scurried out the door in a rush. On a cut-up piece of paper, she scribbled her number and name, some parts I couldn’t make out fully. I arrived back home and two hours later I gave her a call. The number didn’t go through the first time but finally, she answered.

Over the phone, she suggested we meet at her home, which I thought was strange. I went for it anyway. This first meeting prompted discussions using parts of my brain I can’t describe. As I sat in her little kitchen corner while drinking a hot cup-of-something the conversation flowed for over two hours and a feeling of escape yet comfort came about me.

These meetings continued almost regularly for weeks and weeks.
Together Maha and I are now co-writing a book about time. We are both exercising the sport of dialogue and using our complimentary minds to do so.

When you have a pull in your gut, let it guide you.

The journey has just begun but my intuition let me here.
And it will continue to lead me. And I will continue to listen to myself and the pull from inside.

About the author
Yasmine Genena is a multipotentialite that has spent most of her career in various communication roles. She was born and raised in the US but her heart touches many corners of the world including Lebanon, Egypt, China, Cambodia, and Germany. Yasmine is currently co-authoring a book titled “It’s About Time: The Sport of Dialogue”.

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