Embracing my new Self

301 words by Garance Moulin

I was on track. After a business school diploma, I started my professional life as a financial controller. As I juggled my career and my family, I worked my way up to financial director. I wanted responsibilities and to enjoy my work.
I was the Program Director of a big IT project. More than 100 people. Millions of euros. I was dedicated and not sparing my efforts to make it work. My team was strongly relying on me to lead the way, make decisions, and give them motivation. I was working with the company employees, turning reluctancy into enthusiasm. And at home, I was raising 3 children, dealing with school runs and homework.
It was key for me to fulfill myself at work. And I did, for 20 years. 
But, at the top of my game, I crashed. Hard. Burn-out. Result of the psychological harassment from my hierarchy.
That crash has been the best thing that happened to me…
The professional me just died. I could not do anything anymore. I hid behind Candy Crush, spending hours playing on my phone. After weeks of not being able to leave the sofa, my kids saved me. For them I got up, picked myself up, moved forward and back to work.
I had to do a reset on my professional life. Ask myself what I really wanted to do. Find help and support to change my path and become a transformation expert. I reinvented myself and my working skills, while rebalancing my time between work and family. I self-published a book, learning all the steps to get there. Developed a LinkedIn network, fighting the imposter syndrome. Now I help CEOs transform their companies and show people their own path with the daring to go for it. Just like I did.

About the author:
Born in France in 1974, Garance Moulin is an over-organized working mom who, over the last 2 decades, has spent her life at work and at home helping her family, colleagues, and teams transform into greater people. After a Business School degree, she spent the first half of her career leading major transformation programs in large industrial companies. In the meantime, she raised her 3 children through a divorce, lived abroad, and kept coming out of her comfort zone in search of new experiences and discoveries. She is now dedicating her time to helping others transform, whether at work, in her community life, or through her network. In 2019, she published “Transfom yourself! Dare to dream and make it real”, a 9 steps method for individuals who are seeking for down to earth advice on how to reach their dreams.

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