A book. A community. The sense of belonging.

301 words by Daniela Felletti

Why do I feel often judged or guilty? How should I behave to be respected? Why can’t they see my added values?
If you are a woman or part of any underrepresented group, I have a feeling you will connect to this constant self-questioning…
For 31 years of my life, I found myself living these conflicts and barriers that I couldn’t understand why they existed.
I was living in Madrid when I suffered a mobbing from a company for the first time in my life and I think that was the moment of my lowest self-esteem. At this point, I was desperate to find inspiration elsewhere and started by self-educating myself: did courses and read books on human behavior, leadership, economics and so on.
Then I discovered “Lean In: Woman, Work and the way to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg.
This specific book woke me up to my own perception as a woman, of how I perceived others and in particular on how society perceived women therefore expected us to behave or be treated.
I realized that my challenges as an ambitious woman struggling to be respected and heard were the challenges of every single woman in the world.
After reading the book, I joined the Lean In global movement where women come together in circles to help and support each other. Today as the Founder & Regional Leader of Lean In Bordeaux Network, I lead a community of +100 active members. My goal is to make every woman aware of the bias that surrounds her. So that they can stand up against it and follow their ambition.

About the author
Daniela was born in Brazil with Italian roots. Having lived in 5 different countries, she identifies herself as a citizen of the world.
Passionate about human behaviour and educating humans into a more inclusive world, Daniela is a multilingual professional specialised in Diversity and Inclusion Advisory for Executive Level. She has an international roster of senior executive leaders as worldwide clients, helping them thrive as inclusive leaders, creating a workplace culture of belonging. Besides, she is an inclusive headhunter and a lecturer in business schools. Currently part of the +60 speakers of the first Amplify DEI Summit aiming to help companies become more inclusive in a more sustainable and effective way.
Daniela is also the Founder and Regional Leader of Lean In Bordeaux Network (France) being affiliated to the global Lean In movement, therefore, supporting the same mission: fighting gender bias and helping women realise their ambitions.

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  1. Your article touched me very much and I know a few parts very well from my own life! I can imagine very well the painful processes you went through. AND in the end you mastered it successfully!!! This is exactly what makes you a real leader and creates resilience in your personality! Thank you for sharing your story with us 🙂

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