Go kiss your grandma on the cheek

I got a call Saturday morning that my grandmother only had a few hours to live. She was in Massachusetts. I was in California.
I didn’t make it back on time.

My wife, infant and I live an hour away from her assisted-living facility. Close enough where I could see her often-ish, but far enough away that, with a baby and a job and dogs and a house and yardwork and a million other trivial things that seem so inconsequential at the moment, it became too easy to make excuses to not make it down to see her as often I should’ve.
I can’t even recall the last time I … continue

Morning always comes

Nine years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to leave our crazy Parisian life for a great experience: sailing across the oceans at least for two years. The plan was clear: live slow and enjoy. In my mind it was obvious that if we could make it together twenty-four hours a day seven days a week on a ten feet monohull, we would spend our whole life together. The story will tell I was wrong.
Lesson 1: do not make plans.

I will not go through all the details of one of the greatest adventures of my life but in a few words: when we left Marseille (South of France) … continue

Who Is Your Inspiration?

Who is your inspiration? Who is your idol?” one of my university lecturers asked us during my Masters studies at a Dutch Design School. She was hinting at famous designers, celebrities or architects. “My grandmother” I replied. “Your grandmother? Really? Why do you say your grandmother?” “Because she is a strong woman, and she is the glue of the family. She has survived cancer numerous times despite doctors predicting she’d have ‘a few months to live’, she is a true fighter and has a great sense of humour. She is like a second mother to me, but more importantly we are great friends”. My grandmother taught me that age is continue

Here is my SCREAM

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Even though my illness was discovered just in time, no words can describe the emotional, psychological, monetary, social, and physical challenges that the news brought me. I faced a very agonizing process overcoming it, and a difficult post-surgery recovery. I became a very dark person and from this experience, I became somewhat of a hermit.
I used writing to journal about my fears, doubts, angers, and stresses to alleviate my pain. One day I was reading through my notes, and I realized the power of my own writing. I had finally discovered my inner voice. I thought that if journaling … continue

How True Is Your Reality?

I was the dud in the family of two parents and four siblings. I was exempted from sport at school. I never learnt to dance. I had fits. My body went stiff after a buzzing in my ear and cramp in my leg. Then I lost consciousness. When I came round I vomited and had to stay in bed. My cousin Gary had electric shock treatment for epilepsy.
I went to school six kilometres away by taxi unable to cycle while my brother rode his bike there. One classmate cornered me and said ‘I know why you go to school by taxi! You have fits!’ I thought I would die … continue