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301 words by Marie Demont

“Are you f*** out of your mind!?”. I paused. I thought. I responded “Ok! Let’s go”, to my now-husband when he suggested we travel to Mexico instead of me accepting the internship I had just received from Coca-Cola in Madrid. On the scoreboard: Guts 1 – Brain: 0. It became an enriching experience working for the UN, while exploring Latin America for the first time, learning Kick-boxing, and making lifelong friends.

Years later, after having my first child, I was ready to go back to work. A safe job where I had proven myself, in an industry I had worked in for 8 years and … continue

Letting Your Intuition In

I had just arrived to Berlin. I was hustling; searching for work.

I attended a meetup group through an organization called ReDi School. It was a nice group of about ten people. I was nervous, as I usually am when entering a new environment, let alone a new country.
There was an outspoken woman in the group that caught my attention early on. I had an intuition that she was someone I should get to know. We had a couple exchanges through the conversation. I was insistent on getting her contact info so I got her attention before she scurried out the door in a rush. On a cut-up piece … continue

The Christmas Card

December 1995, Greece. As I looked out my kitchen window at the green groves of olive trees, I had an aching homesickness for a different picture of winter. I wanted to be in the Vermont Life calendar photo on my wall, breathing in the cold air outside a tiny wooden post office, its roof covered in fresh, deep snow and a red ribboned wreath on the wall frozen with icicles. Above the door was a small sign:


On an impulse I decided to write a Christmas card to the people who worked there. It lifted my spirits to do so, might lift theirs too and … continue

To share is to be human

When I was 19, I drove across USA with my best friend Julie for just $30. We took what’s known as an auto drive-away, a form of car sharing – where you transport someone else’s car and just pay for the gas. We drove through the Grand Canyon singing, we saw coyotes and Joshua trees – the shared experience was unforgettable. What made this trip so special for me was that it was a journey of trust and sharing. We trusted that the car would make it, we trusted the guy who would join us on the road and we trusted each other. For me, trust and sharing come together. … continue