Wishes Are Redundant

301 words by Simin Hashemi-Tehrani

Since I was as a little child, I dreamed of traveling across this planet. I wanted to see as much as possible to understand our world better. In 2018, life gave me the opportunity for such a journey, which I finished recently after 20 months.
Has life given me this chance because I wished for it or because it was part of my life plan?
After several months in Southeast Asia, Australia and South Pacific, I decided to walk the Camino Santiago in North Spain. The route I had chosen was 900 km long. Mostly I started before sunrise and hiked as long as my … continue

The Graduate

This month marks almost four years since I graduated from university. When I think back to those four years compared to the last four years… oh, a lot can happen. Since graduating, I’ve lived in two countries and had four different jobs. I have friendships and relationships that span generations and geographical areas.
I have stretched and adapted myself in ways I never could have predicted. I have questioned so much. Sometimes, I wonder where it all came from. I mean, I was always a cautious young girl who preferred safety and comfort over risk, but once I finished up university things shifted. The world became my stage; I could … continue

Sometimes I just want to be a bloody tourist

„Where are you from“, said the Israeli guy in a small souvenir shop in Tel Aviv conversationally as he put my set of kitschy postcards into a bag. I gave him an awkward smile. Hesitant, apologetically.
„Germany“, I said.
„Germany!“, he repeated and handed me my change. „You don’t look deutsch, though. You look Middle Eastern. You sure you not Israeli?“
„Well“, I said, my awkward smile becoming awry, „that’s because I am Middle Eastern indeed. Not Israeli, though.“ I thought he could figure it out himself by now.
„So you’re Arab“, he inquired, his face becoming stern. This conversation was getting weird now.
„Palestinian“, I said. „Half of me.“ … continue

Sometimes you have to leave to be able to come back

Sometimes you just know that you really HAVE TO do something. „I need to travel by myself, I cannot say for how long, I just know that I have to do this!“
Nothing could have stopped me.
I left my hometown Hamburg not knowing when I would come back. I gave up my job, my apartment and my relationship to travel to Australia. No strings attached. Ready for adventure and ready to find happiness.
After the first excitements of making new experiences and meet a lot of people I just felt miserable. What was I doing?
I had imagined to feel free as a bee but I had never felt … continue

1998 – France

I had the great opportunity to be in France that year in the month that the world cup was playing. I remember driving long and beautiful landscape-filled-hours from Denmark all the way to the south of France to a small town called Bagnols-en-Foret. France qualified to the final game against Brazil. The once small and peaceful town I knew became a metropolis with large screen projectors and hundreds and hundreds of french people and maybe a dozen Brazilian supporters, which included my parents that had decided they were going to support the latin-american team over the european.
The thing is, I was born only 5 years before this world cup, … continue

Sarig Levin

I was born in this fantastical place called a Kibbutz, where men and women lived as equals, shared in material needs and at night, partook in collective dreaming.
Once an autonomous adult, I embarked on a personal quest for individualism and experience, seeking to taste all that life has to offer. For years I’ve roamed the Americas, from the tip of the Macho-Picho to the bottom of the Grand-Canyon, acquiring skillsets only life on the road can offer.
Hoping to balance New World with the Old, I sought to establish a home in the Netherlands, then later in preferred Prague, in time realizing Home’s but a state of mind. Throughout … continue