Fascinating Age

I do not believe in fate. But instinct told me not to return to a safe life in the UK after just 4 years in Greece, a month after my husband’s unexpected death.
I’d no job, no income, just a tiny widow’s pension; I’d a rented, picturesque old flat with few conveniences, but the best view in the world, the Acropolis; advice and support of family, friends and neighbours, the Greek social welfare system in action. “As long as I have a bowl of soup, so do you” said my brother in law.
There was no sudden revelation or turning point back in late 80s as I carefully put on … continue

The Origin of 301 Words

It was a Sunday morning and one of the few days I finally managed to read some articles completely unrelated to my work. Eventually I went through an article about the correlation between having a purpose in life and life expectancy. According to a study, people who feel a strong purpose in their lives tend to live healthier and longer. However, that was only true if that purpose was considered as something deeper than to „just“ live a happy life. Maybe that’s why religious people showed a very strong correlation between their purpose in life and their life expectation. So after reading this article my question was obvious: „Did I … continue