1998 – France

I had the great opportunity to be in France that year in the month that the world cup was playing. I remember driving long and beautiful landscape-filled-hours from Denmark all the way to the south of France to a small town called Bagnols-en-Foret. France qualified to the final game against Brazil. The once small and peaceful town I knew became a metropolis with large screen projectors and hundreds and hundreds of french people and maybe a dozen Brazilian supporters, which included my parents that had decided they were going to support the latin-american team over the european.
The thing is, I was born only 5 years before this world cup, … continue

About maps and space

I am passionate about maps. This passion started when I was a kid. I spend hours and hours examining the maps I found in geography books, science-fiction novels of Jules Vernes, and bandes dessinees like Tintin. I had a particular interest in old world maps, like the one capturing the epic journey of Magellan. He enabled the first ever circumnavigation of the globe around 1521, and left us with the most complete record of our planet biodiversity in his logbook. Maps like these were my very first tools to explore the world, to reveal me the beauty, diversity but also fragility of our home planet, long before I could travel … continue

I want to beat cancer

My name is Vedrana, my passion is my drive.
Early morning hospital visit. I kissed my grandma and her glassy eyes look right through me. The intimate moment is interrupted by her heavy and machine-assisted breathing. Third bad night. Doctors don’t know what’s going on. I feel alone and helpless. I’m 21 today, and my grandma has died an hour after my visit. She died of cancer. Cancer that was not diagnosed or detected before she collapsed a month ago….
It’s Friday afternoon, I am stopping by Chokladfabriken to get cointreau-chocolate balls, my sugary refuge. I’m on my way to the hospice. It is the last day of January, and … continue