Wishes Are Redundant

301 words by Simin Hashemi-Tehrani

Since I was as a little child, I dreamed of traveling across this planet. I wanted to see as much as possible to understand our world better. In 2018, life gave me the opportunity for such a journey, which I finished recently after 20 months.
Has life given me this chance because I wished for it or because it was part of my life plan?
After several months in Southeast Asia, Australia and South Pacific, I decided to walk the Camino Santiago in North Spain. The route I had chosen was 900 km long. Mostly I started before sunrise and hiked as long as my … continue

The Power Of “Knowing Thyself”— a story of Self-discovery

At the end of Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Ivan lies dying after leading a colorless, mediocre life. He has only one thought: What if I lived my entire life wrong? I read this book in college almost twenty-five years ago, and in 2010, it came back full circle to kick-start my transformation.

I used to get angry and fret about the simplest of things. I was continually frustrated and disengaged. I never stopped to consider if what I was doing was what I really wanted to do. I just set out like I was in a short hurdle race, running at full tilt and overcoming whatever came my … continue

How a digital entrepreneur in Rwanda changed my life

When I mention Rwanda, most people associate it with ‘genocide’. To many, Sub-Saharan Africa is diseased kids with distended bellies and flies in their eyes lurching from crisis to crisis. Hardly surprising – it’s how the media and many charities portray it. So I was intrigued to meet Douglas – a young digital entrepreneur in Kigali. I say meet, we communicated entirely over Skype. Only months later did I even discover what he looked like.
I first volunteered with enterprise education charity Grow Movement to gain practice for a coaching qualification. Little did I realise when I started with Douglas,what a profound impact our interactions would have. His energy and … continue