The Second Chance

About two years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. For the third time. My mother is a strong woman but dealing with cancer again and facing a chemotherapy weighed heavily on her. I was with her when the doctor told her the news a couple of days before Christmas. I almost couldn’t bear the feeling of not being able to help her to get rid of this terrible disease. But of course I knew that I could at least be there for her. From the moment we sat together in front of the doctor my relationship to my mother changed significantly. Since I live abroad I reorganized my whole … continue

How a digital entrepreneur in Rwanda changed my life

When I mention Rwanda, most people associate it with ‘genocide’. To many, Sub-Saharan Africa is diseased kids with distended bellies and flies in their eyes lurching from crisis to crisis. Hardly surprising – it’s how the media and many charities portray it. So I was intrigued to meet Douglas – a young digital entrepreneur in Kigali. I say meet, we communicated entirely over Skype. Only months later did I even discover what he looked like.
I first volunteered with enterprise education charity Grow Movement to gain practice for a coaching qualification. Little did I realise when I started with Douglas,what a profound impact our interactions would have. His energy and … continue