Wishes Are Redundant

301 words by Simin Hashemi-Tehrani

Since I was as a little child, I dreamed of traveling across this planet. I wanted to see as much as possible to understand our world better. In 2018, life gave me the opportunity for such a journey, which I finished recently after 20 months.
Has life given me this chance because I wished for it or because it was part of my life plan?
After several months in Southeast Asia, Australia and South Pacific, I decided to walk the Camino Santiago in North Spain. The route I had chosen was 900 km long. Mostly I started before sunrise and hiked as long as my … continue

The Graduate

This month marks almost four years since I graduated from university. When I think back to those four years compared to the last four years… oh, a lot can happen. Since graduating, I’ve lived in two countries and had four different jobs. I have friendships and relationships that span generations and geographical areas.
I have stretched and adapted myself in ways I never could have predicted. I have questioned so much. Sometimes, I wonder where it all came from. I mean, I was always a cautious young girl who preferred safety and comfort over risk, but once I finished up university things shifted. The world became my stage; I could … continue


“Maybe after Christmas,” I replied, worried he couldn’t afford this long distance call from London.
“No, come now. I need you. You’ll see, we will look back on this as one of the best periods of our lives.”
I had great misgivings. There’d been a passionate affair in Athens but no future– better just cherish the memory of the handsome charming fellow who had challenged my thinking, made me laugh, made me feel precious. I should be realistic, stay in Chicago after traipsing abound Europe with a friend, and return to high school teaching, even if it meant barren spinsterhood. And breaking codes of behavior, living with him in prim … continue

To share is to be human

When I was 19, I drove across USA with my best friend Julie for just $30. We took what’s known as an auto drive-away, a form of car sharing – where you transport someone else’s car and just pay for the gas. We drove through the Grand Canyon singing, we saw coyotes and Joshua trees – the shared experience was unforgettable. What made this trip so special for me was that it was a journey of trust and sharing. We trusted that the car would make it, we trusted the guy who would join us on the road and we trusted each other. For me, trust and sharing come together. … continue

The desire to love and being loved

The music on the play list was one of my favorites. The irony of my life has been the inability to give words to emotions. And these songs gave my thoughts a voice. And also took me to the most beautiful world, miles away from the striking realities of mundane life and the household chores.
The battle between my logical mind and emotions never seemed to end. Being married for more than a decade, the marriage was crowded from day one. My husband always thought relations need a remote control to work. And the remote control was safely handed over to his mother and sisters. All this made the relationship … continue

Sarig Levin

I was born in this fantastical place called a Kibbutz, where men and women lived as equals, shared in material needs and at night, partook in collective dreaming.
Once an autonomous adult, I embarked on a personal quest for individualism and experience, seeking to taste all that life has to offer. For years I’ve roamed the Americas, from the tip of the Macho-Picho to the bottom of the Grand-Canyon, acquiring skillsets only life on the road can offer.
Hoping to balance New World with the Old, I sought to establish a home in the Netherlands, then later in preferred Prague, in time realizing Home’s but a state of mind. Throughout … continue