To share is to be human

When I was 19, I drove across USA with my best friend Julie for just $30. We took what’s known as an auto drive-away, a form of car sharing – where you transport someone else’s car and just pay for the gas. We drove through the Grand Canyon singing, we saw coyotes and Joshua trees – the shared experience was unforgettable. What made this trip so special for me was that it was a journey of trust and sharing. We trusted that the car would make it, we trusted the guy who would join us on the road and we trusted each other. For me, trust and sharing come together. Because you can’t share without trust. And when you trust someone, something wonderful can happen. When you trust, life is an adventure.
The magic experience of driving across the US with Julie, sparked my interest in what today is known as the Sharing Economy: a socio-economic system built around the sharing of human and physical resources – skills, knowledge, goods, homes, food and cars. To share is to be human. I believe, that each of us has an unlimited capacity to share and if we can unleash that, there’s no end to what we can achieve. We can build a happy, healthy, sustainable society built around sharing resources — a true, equitable Sharing Economy, future-proofing our planet and the people in it.

About the author
Benita Matofska is a Social Entrepreneur, keynote speaker and a global Sharing Economy expert. She is the founder of The People Who Share and Global Sharing Week which now reaches 150 million people worldwide. She believes that everyone can participate in and benefit from the Sharing Economy and that one day it will become the economy.

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